Registered Ad-Seekers: 18
Registered Ad-Designers: 37

AdKafe is a membership based online exchange that allows the Ad-Seekers, organizations or individuals seeking creative advertisement (ad) designs, and the Ad-Designers, those offering innovative design, to work together at a global level. It eliminates the traditional boundaries between the two parties.

At AdKafe, we believe that the Ad-Seekers should not be restricted to their marketing/sales department or 3rd party vendors or the ingenious thinking of few talented individuals. Rather, these Ad-Seekers should be able to seek new ideas from around the world. Similarly, the people on the other side of the equation, Ad-Designers, should also be able to express themselves to the global audiences.

The registration to AdKafe is FREE. A registered Ad-Seeker can post his/her ad requirements through Ad-Solicitations. These Ad-Solicitations call for designs, in the form of logo, video ad, audio ad, print ad, or tag line, from the registered Ad-Designers. An Ad-Designer can review the active Ad-Solicitation(s) and submit his/her design(s) online for the selected Ad-Solicitation(s).

For more information on how the service works, click here.

What's new at AdKafe!

Special Offer!
Post your Ad-Solicitation(s) before April 30, 2007 and pay only $5.00 for Regular Solicitation and $10.00 for Featured Solicitation.

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